Graduate Hotel in Downtown Palo Alto – Hotel Overview

The Graduate Hotel is a remodel of the previous President’s Hotel on University St. in Downtown Palo Alto, blocks away from Stanford University. It is only blocks away from a lively street of shops and restaurants that are frequented by students and silicon valley techies alike. This retro boutique hotel is decked out in the prettiest vintage floral patterns and sprinkles of Stanford traditions such as room key cards being ID cards of celebrity alumni. I didn’t know Tiger Woods and Reese Witherspoon were Stanford alumni!

The Lobby: This instagrammable lobby features an entire wall of vintage frames and artworks. Timeless furniture with patterned fabrics decorate the sitting area. The tiles are another gorgeous feature of this lobby, with beautiful symmetrical floral patterns resembling that of a quilt.

The Room: Floral wallpapers, tasseled curtains, scalloped bedsheets, and antique decorations seemingly transport you to another decade – one of classic landline telephones with with rotary dials.

Room Details:


Dining Options:

1. Lou and Herbert’s Cafe Restaurant:

This Spanish-colonial inspired restaurant is both a cafe and bar – designed for light fusion fares during both the day and night. It is located on the first floor of the hotel behind the stairwell.

2. President’s Terrace Rooftop Bar:

The only rooftop bar in Palo Alto, President’s Terrace bears the name of the original Hotel President built in 1929 that honored the then-president Herbert Hoover who as a Stanford alum. This rooftop bar offers a cozy atmosphere to enjoy panoramic views of the sunset while enjoying their unique cocktail creations.

You must stay at Graduate Hotel when you’re visiting the epicenter of Silicon Valley.


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