Most Instagrammable Pumpkin Patches in the Bay Area

The Bay Area has many aesthetic pumpkin patches that are perfect for cute Instagram photos – and by aesthetic I mean the ones that don’t have blue tarp lining the ground and tents/buildings in the background. Oh and did I mention all of these are FREE to visit?

1. Farmer John’s Pumpkin Patch

This is my favorite in Half Moon Bay in terms of photo ops with different backgrounds! From bales of hay to bright orange pumpkins and corn stalks and various fall harvest decorations, this place has the most variety if you want tons of different pumpkin photos!

More photo inspo:

There is usually a large pumpkin on display as well, it’s so cool!

There might even be a patch of sunflowers near the back of the pumpkin patch:

Tip when visiting: There is plenty of parking along the side of the road in addition to their own parking lot but it gets packed quickly especially on the weekend.

2. HV Produce Farm

This is the prettiest pumpkin patch area along Highway 92 because it’s the one location that has the most pastel colored pumpkins of varying shapes and sizes and patterns. I think the way they are spread out makes for a lovely photo backdrop.

I love the variety of pastel pumpkins here!

Photo tip: To get larger pumpkins in the foreground, it’s better to take your photo from a lower angle:

There is also a corn field that makes for a great backdrop:

3. Spina Pumpkin Farms

This is a super pretty family-friendly pumpkin patch that offers a variety of photo ops and activities for the whole family to spend a few hours at. I love the rows of bright marigold varieties and the corn stalks in the background.

They even have a patch of sunflowers! Be careful of buzzing bees!

More aesthetic angles of the property:

Not to be missed is the huge pyramid of pumpkins!

4. 4C’s Farm

This one is also along Highway 92 and doesn’t have a specific pin on Google Maps but you can’t miss it if you drive along Highway 92 on the way to Half Moon Bay from Foster City.

The ground is completely covered with orange pumpkins! It’s a nice place to get a shot with tons of pumpkins all around.

What are other pumpkin patches you’ve visited in the Bay Area that you think should be on this list? Leave a comment to let me know!


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