Sunflower Field at Sanrio Themed Tanaka Farms, Irvine

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In mid-July of 2018, after visiting the Carlsbad Flower Fields in spring, I was eager to visit another flower field – this time a sunflower field located in Irvine, California.

Tanaka Farms (click here for Yelp page for reviews) is a super family- friendly farm that has fun, seasonal, and educational events all year round, from pick-you-own strawberry wagon rides for seasonal harvests to pumpkin patches and sunflower blooms! As a bonus, they even have cute Sanrio characters throughout the farm!

This is their welcome sign right next to their parking lot
Entrance to the market
Look at all these cute hello kitties – as a sunflower, watermelon, and bunny!!

Something unique about Tanaka Farms is that they have special types of melons that aren’t usually found in the grocery store. Did you know that yellow flesh watermelon exists?! It is completely natural, not genetically modified. Yellow watermelon is actually quite popular in Japan and China. I didn’t know that before this visit to Tanaka farms. They have several slices of different melons that you can taste test as well if you want to consider buying a yellow watermelon! (keep in mind, this was in 2018, now they definitely have covid precautions in place)

This is the strawberry farm section that was not in season when we visited

Decorated around the farm are fun facts displayed on the cutest boards such as this carrot below:

What a cute educational board!

Now for the sunflowers – the reason why we visited!

I believe our visit was a little late as we walked to the sunflower patch and saw the sunflowers wilting and drooping to look more like showerheads than flowers. The sunflower patch is enclosed and an entrance fee is required. We still decided to pay the $5 entrance fee to enter and stroll around trying to find some decent looking flowers to take photos with.

If you want to visit, I recommend visiting during June to hopefully catch them blooming in their prime! I would like to revisit this place myself sometime in the near future as well.

Let me know if you’ve been here before or if you know of any other sunflower patches in Southern California!

❤ Vivien ❤


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